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Why Linfo AI?

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There’re 10000+ AI apps already, and 100 new apps coming out everyday, why Linfo AI?

Because Linfo AI is the only app that fully leverages the power of AI at 100% to generate key takeaways from long articles & videos

The problem that 10000+ existing AI apps have not yet resolved.

We’ve been exactly where you are, navigating the sea of over 1000+ AI apps, with 100 new ones appearing every day. They all claim to be your personal assistant or co-pilot.

So, we’ve given a whirl to more than 500 of these bad boys, including Max ai, Monica ai, Copy ai, Notion ai, ChatPDF, and a bunch more. Here’s the truth: none of them really nail it when it comes to pulling out the key points from long videos and articles.

They’ll give you a summary, a brief 3-5 sentence generic overview of what the video is about. You still need to watch that 2hr+ video yourself.

Or, you can craft unique prompts for different articles each time. This looks like

“Analyze the 6 key topics about regional issues and regional-center conflict in India discussed in the books. For each topic, provide at least 2 main ideas. For each main idea, provide at least 3 key takeaways. Mention key stakeholders, their political and cultural backgrounds, and the significant incidents of the conflict.”

After a few tries, you’ll finally snag those tasty key takeaways you’re after, but man, that’s a lot of effort!

The greatest frustration? Some of these apps just can’t handle long-form content, and they don’t even give you a heads up about it. You’re left scratching your head, unless you go through the whole article yourself. And when you match your understanding with the AI-generated stuff, you realise the AI only got about 60% of it. Bummer, right?

That’s exactly why we whipped up Linfo AI. We built it to sort out this very problem.

Why Linfo AI when there’re Claude 3, Llama 3, ChatGPT, Bard, etc?

Okay, how about Claude 3, ChatGPT, Bard, and Llama 3? I mean, why not just stick with the big guys? After all, isn’t Linfo AI just built from these AIs?

Well, yeah, you could totally go with the big names. But, you’d have to do all the copy-pasting of articles or video links every time you want a summary. Not only that, but you’ll have to figure out how to get them to spit out key takeaways with the right prompts. And the kicker? Most of the time, these apps can’t even read URLs from YouTube videos or online articles. So, you’ll be left scrambling for a workaround.

How is Linfo AI different?

Technology: Linfo AI generates key takeaways by understanding the entire content, not just summarizing it

We’ve developed a model trained on long-form content. This allows the AI to not just read, but also comprehend the entire content.

  • The perfect balance between reading & summarizing
  • Made for people who conduct extensive research at work
  • Never afraid of missing key points from the original content
  • Structured in a 3-level hierarchy:
    • Main idea
    • Sub-header
    • Takeaways in bullet points
  • Works with 2hr+ video & 10,000 words article

Personalization: provides personalized service by allowing users to focus on their areas of interest

Users can request more detailed information on specific topics, avoiding time spent on less relevant data by:

  • Adjust the level of detail in summaries to suit your specific needs, focusing on what matters most to you.
  • Request in-depth analysis on particular sections, ensuring you get detailed information on your areas of interest.